The Basics

A travel softball team is more than just a group of girls demonstrating their abilities for college coaches in the hope of getting a scholarship. It is a chance for us to show young women the skills that they need outside of softball; the skills that will help them become happy, fearless, productive members of society. The mission of the CT Diamond Club is to use softball as a platform to develop strong, confident, independent women.

Our season typically runs from August - July of the following year.

Where we Train

All of our Diamonds train year round at our own indoor facility, "The Clubhouse", located at 1284 Main St in East Hartford, CT. This 8500 square foot facility is equipped with two pitching machines, two pitching lanes, and a full turf infield. It is available for team practices, strength and conditioning, individual lessons, or independent development work.

When we are outside, we train at McAuliffe Park in East Hartford, CT.

How we Started

Anytime we talk about the Diamond Club, we have to start by explaining how it all began.  Late summer of 2015, 30 of our girls tried out for a new travel team in CT.  That team disbanded a few months later and a few of the coaches came together and determined that, rather than trying to find openings on other teams, that they would form the CT Diamond Club.  With limited resources, the teams secured a new logo, uniforms, and started to get a quick education in the world of travel ball.

Fast forward 3 years, and we have grown from 30 kids to 120, have our own indoor facility, have the absolute best coaching staff around, and have a National Championship under our belt.

Where we are Headed

The vision is simple, we want to continue to grow the sport.  Our entire staff knows the critical role that softball played in our lives.  We want to give girls in our area ample opportunity to develop both on and off the field.


At our core, we are excellent at developing players.  We have the staff and support systems in place to take average players and make them great.  We can take great players and make them phenomenal.  We have built a curriculum of instruction that all of our coaches follow that specifically defines the expectations skills that should be obtained at each age level.

College Recruiting and Prep

We get it.  We can tell stories about how we got there.  I can promise you one thing, the college recruiting process is NOTHING like what you think it is.  Programs will tout that they can get your daughter into college.  We will not only explain and guide you through the process, but we will make sure that you understand that YOUR DAUGHTER will get herself into college. We can help and will remove roadblocks along the way.