For my new diamonds….

Welcome to the family!  You had plenty of other options and we know that.  We spent some time explaining our values to both you and your family.  We will ask for tons of your time and in turn, we will give you everything that we have.  You will get upset with us at some point, but know that we are in your corner and want you to grow and progress as much as possible as quickly as possible. You will be asked not only to work with your team, but truly be part of the organization as a whole.  We are more than softball and you will see that shortly. If you need something, aren’t happy for some reason, or need to talk – JUST ASK.  We know that you wont always be happy, but we are always learning and growing.  We are not believers in the status quo.  We will always challenge the process and would expect you to do the same.  We look forward to every interaction with you and your family.

Quick piece of advice – Don’t forget where you came from

Regardless of the experience that you had in the past with other teams, there were people or experiences that made you the player that you are.  Don’t burn those bridges.  Be humble about what you learned, acknowledge those that you learned it from, and move forward without disrespecting your past. 

For those who moved on….

Whether we determined that you were not a good fit for us or you determined that we weren’t a good fit for you.  I will always root for you. Okay, so I don’t want you to hit a game-winning hit against our existing Diamond teams, but I will always root for you.  My goal was always to grow the sport and I appreciate the time that you gave to us overall.

We aren’t for everyone and we know that. We ask for a lot and our model is quite a bit different than other places! Enjoy the game to its fullest and play hard all the time!

Quick piece of advice – Enjoy every minute and don’t be afraid to say hello

For those who decided to come back…

You are the tip of the spear my friends.  You saw the value, believed in the mission, and have the responsibility to continue to move things forward.  We will help, but this is on you.  How you carry yourself, what you say, and how hard you work will continue to form the culture of the organization.

Quick piece of advice – Stay Hungry