Our youngest crew.

These little guys go through quite an evolution over the course of the season.

Often times, we get them at the beginning of the year and they have a perception of the game that includes playing every position, 4-5 walks per inning, stealing after the ball crosses the plate, or even coach pitch.

When we choose players to be part of the program, we are looking for hungry athletes that want to commit the time to get better at a sport that they enjoy playing.

The general curriculum of 10U focuses on the pace of play.  Every drill, every practice, we make sure that these little Diamonds know how fast and how exciting this game can be.  At practice, they are ALWAYS moving.  They are involved in every play and their effort does not go unnoticed.  They have to make decisions quickly.

That focus on pace of play is balanced by a true focus on fundamentals.  The kids begin to "feel" what proper mechanics are and they learn how to self-identify ways to fix problems on the fly.  Combine that with the pace of play, and the team is full of kids that can make decisions quickly.

The true measure of their development is seeing them go from travel ball into their little league games.  We can pick out a Diamond kid by the way they take a lead, by the way that they run after a ball, and by the way that they carry themselves.


Christi Geisinger

Christi Geisinger has been with the Diamond Club from Day 1.  She has coached a number of different age groups and led the 12U Black team to the National Championship in 2018.  Her ability to teach the fundamentals of the game is unmatched.  She is a great fit for the 10U program and is looking forward to working with the girls and watching their evolution and development throughout the year.

1819Diamond 0679

Coach Pete is in his 3rd season as an assistant coach at the 10U level.  His background on the field will be an asset for our girls.  He has extensive experience teaching infield and hitting and brings an amazing amount of energy to the table.




#11  Adrianna Cicchiello

#24 Aleis Gonzalez

#27 Alexis Nisyrios

#7 Bridget Nosal

#73 Emily Lyver

#18 Hailey Anderson

#3 Jolanie Colon

#23 Meghan Doherty

#9 Natalia Draghi

#15 Nola Ostafin

#77 Sara Gilbert