12U Black

They are getting to be the big kids now.  For some of them, they have been with the program for 2-3 years so they know the ropes.  They know where we hide the candy in the Clubhouse and are starting to know "everyday" drills like the back of their hand.  The challenge this year is to get them to expect more from themselves.

This is the year when they learn NOT to go through the motions.  They learn that it is more important for them to work hard when no one is watching.  They start to understand that in order to be EXCEPTIONAL you have to work on your own, and NOT because someone told you to.

I start to see them coming to practice early and staying late.  They start to ask better questions and start to mentor younger kids.  They are learning to develop into positive young women and knowing that true validation comes from within.


Ashley Black

Ashley came to the Diamond Club in 2018 and has made an immediate impact on every player that she has interacted with.  On top of working full time in data analytics, she balances giving lessons and running two of the most successful teams within the organization.  We are all in awe of her energy and dedication to the sport overall.

As a former Division 1 player, she brings a wealth of knowledge about how to be exceptional both on and off the field.




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