12U Blue

Growing up.

For about 1/2 of this team, this is their first year playing at the 12U level.  They came from the 10U program and are starting their first year of 12U.  They have developed a love of the game and understand how fast the game is.  The other 1/2 of the team is made up of rock star "true 12s" that are learning how to lead and what it feels like to be the "older kid" on the team.

This team's focus is on "wanting the ball".  Our coaches work with the kids on their desire to be in every play, to want the ball - EVERY SINGLE TIME.  They start to understand more advanced offensive and defensive strategies and to understand the concept of "the next play".   Their physical development over the course of the year is phenomenal and their confidence quickly starts to increase as they progress throughout the season.


Neil Domer-Shank
Neil Domer-Shank

This is Coach D's first season with the CT Diamond Club.  He brings an INCREDIBLE amount of experience to our program. As a baseball coach, he has coached at all levels from 10U through 18U and is excited to take the leap into softball.

He focused on the development of the girls both on and off the field, specifically with regards to leadership and communication.

His positivity and dedication to the development of young athletes carries over to his role at The MacDuffie School, where he is not only the varsity baseball coach but also the Assistant Athletics Director.

He lives and breathes softball and baseball and will undoubtedly live the Diamond Mission.




#19 Allyson Killoran

#9 Annaliese Hassett

#7 Cassidy Wallner

#15 Delaney Poach

#6 Faith Bakowski

#12 Kaylee Hernandez

#11 Larkyn Domer-Shank

#22 Maddylen Page

#8 Nina Ostafin

#24 Olivia Doran

#4 Sophie Hurtgen