14U Black

This is the year when it starts to get interesting.  The stronger players will be told that they can play up - some will chase that dream.  They will chase that dream before they are ready.   These kids aren't part of that group.  They understand that the TEAM comes before the individual. They understand that the reason they are successful isn't because of their individual ability, but because of the team's ability to work together.

Here is the thing with this crew.  They are transitioning from middle school to high school.  They are going from being the experienced kid to the freshman.  In high school, they have to learn how to prove themselves all over again.  On this team, they learn HOW to do that.

Yes, we go through fundamentals, making the next play.  It is more than that though.  They learn how to lead a team in the face of personal adversity.  They learn that everyone has a role and that theirs matters.   14U is the most fun for me.  These are the kids that want it - and want it for the right reasons.


Alison Rossi

Alison Rossi started the program in 2015.  She has held a number of coaching roles within the organization along with taking care of most of the administrative functions within the Diamond Club.  As a three year starter for Central Connecticut State University, she spends her time working with the pitchers, catchers and outfielders.  She loves working with this group because of thier tenacity for the game and appreciation for her strange sense of humor.




#91 Emily Killoran

#2 Emily Quinones

#6 Jess Burgeson

#26 Kaitlyn Collins

#21 Kathryn Allegra

#11 Kennedy Morris

#13 Kenzie Raymond

#19 Kiana Kalman

#18 Lily Cournoyer

#73 Morgan Geisinger

#27 Reeghan McCarthy