16U Tournament Team

There is a lot of pressure in travel ball.   The showcases; the clinics; the practices.   For a lot of kids that we have had for a number of years, they have learned that they absolutely, but they arent quite ready (either skill wise or mentally) to play at the Showcase level.

Our 16U Tournament Team requires a high level of commitment without the pressure of Showcases and early college choices.  This group plays and practices year round with great coaching and spends their summer in competitive tournaments throughout New England.  At this point, they have their primary and secondary positions nailed down and they understand their contribution to the team and the program.  They are balancing the demands of high school with their love of the game.

Gary Angello

This is Gary Angello's 3rd season with the Diamond Club. He came on board and has proven that he is one of the strongest offensive coaches that we have in the program.  As a Division 1 baseball player and coach for both baseball and softball for the past 10 years, he has an innate ability to make hitting simple again.




#7 Alexa Kimball

#26 Allyson Parent

#4 Anna Fiore

#3 Madison Hinkley

#00 Makayla LaTorre-Gronningsater

#12 Michalina Centofanti

#24 Mikayla Leskey

#31 Molly York

#27 Shauna Kehoe

#13 Sydney Weimer