14U Blue

Self-awareness and recovery is the theme for this age group.  Their social development is complicated, to say the very least.  The goal this year is to teach the girls to be self-aware, both on and off the field.  They start to learn more advanced aspects of the game and how the little things that they do matter, both for the team and for their personal development.  Pickoffs, squeeze plays, and journal entries find their way into the kids everyday lives.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new about these kids.  Their lives are becoming more and more intricate and they start to make choices about where softball fits into their lives.


Tori Fitzgerald




Natalie Assunto

#10 Cheyenne LaTouche

#12 Grace Benashski

#20 Iris Rooney

#29 Isabella Hassett

#22 Ivy McNeil

#4 Karly Sorrentino

#33 Kyla Brogan

#14 Morgan Cook

#7 Taylor Nisyrios

#5 Vanessa Quealy