16U Black

CHOICES.  These kids made the choice.  They have decided that softball is THEIR sport and that they want to continue to devote their time to it.  They will get experience showcasing their talent and begin to develop a plan for the next step in their educational journey.

Playing in Showcases is very different than playing in regular tournaments.  This is the time when these kids will learn how to showcase their talents on and off the field.  They will learn how to write letters to college coaches and how to carry themselves both on and off the Diamond.

They will have a good awareness of their strengths and areas of improvement and can put together plans for making themselves better each and every day.  They have access to all of the tools that they need to develop and will continue to get better.  This is a select group of kids.  We are careful in choosing who is part of this group and who isn't.  It takes a special athlete to be able to be part of this team.


Alison Rossi