18UX Showcase

This is THAT team.  This is the team you want to be on.  These are the kids that set the bar for the organization.  They are serious about playing in college, they are serious about wanting to be the best athlete they can be.  Most importantly, they have the maturity required to understand how softball fits into their lives.

Their countless hours training (both with the team and on their own) are going to payoff going to Showcases and playing in Elite Tournaments.  They understand that they are ALWAYS being evaluated and hold themselves to the highest regard.

Most importantly, they understand the balance of being wanted with being wanted by the RIGHT college.  At the end of the day, they know that their softball skills are an asset that will get them into college, but their education is the prize.  They "get it".  They know that getting recruited to the school that they want to go to is more important than just getting recruited.

These kids have softball in their veins and know that they have another 4 years in them.


Ashley Black

Ashley came to the Diamond Club in 2018 and has made an immediate impact on every player that she has interacted with.  On top of working full time in data analytics, she balances giving lessons and running two of the most successful teams within the organization.  We are all in awe of her energy and dedication to the sport overall.

As a former Division 1 player, she brings a wealth of knowledge about how to be exceptional both on and off the field.